Rebels Poison Water supply In Syrian Capital Damascus

Rebels Poison Water supply In Syrian Capital Damascus

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The Syrian capital Damascus has been without water for five days.

Authorities have accused “terrorist groups” of deliberately poisoning water resources and the government cut off water to Damascus on Friday after concerns that rebel groups west of the city had poisoned wells and pipes.
While media in the West has blamed the Syrian government for disrupting the water supply, there is evidence that rebels are behind the crisis, with renewed video threats.

Damascus continues to be considered the safest place in Syria. But it has an Achilles heel, and that’s the water supply – currently under rebel control.
Last week, the government accused the rebels of contaminating the reservoir at Ein al Fija spring’s water pumping station, which serves about 65 percent of Damascus, with diesel and other poisons.

The government managed to shut off the supply before it could reach the capital, but a leaked UN memo shows the extent of the fear that started to grip the people.


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