Trump Vows To Protect Kanye West From ‘Illuminati Handlers’

Trump Vows To Protect Kanye West From ‘Illuminati Handlers’

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According to sources close to Kanye West, Donald Trump offered to help protect the singer from “illuminati handlers” out to silence him during their meeting on Tuesday. 

Trump summoned Kanye West to Trump Towers following an on-stage announcement last month where Kanye told fans he supports Trump and outed fellow rapper Jay Z as an “illuminati agent”.
Kanye told Trump at the closed-door meeting that his recent hospitalization was down to powerful “handlers” who work behind the scenes in the music industry trying to reprogram him so that he would denounce his support for Trump.

According to a close friend of Kanye West, Trump offered the singer hope, telling him that they will remain “friends for a long time“.


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