5 Celebrity Children That Are Good For Nothing

5 Celebrity Children That Are Good For Nothing

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These children of celebrities have had silver-spoon upbringings. Unlike the rest of us, they haven’t had to break a sweat to make ends meet. Therefore, since they´ve had everything they´ve wanted at their disposal, some of them have gone astray and aren´t even fit to tie their parents´ shoelaces now. Here are 31 celebrity children that are good for nothing.

1. Chet Hanks (Son of Tom Hanks)
It is unfortunate for Tom Hanks to have a son that is addicted to drugs. Chet has been admitted to a rehab in the past. Before checking in, he even got into a car accident and was sued for emotional and physical injuries.

2. Indio Downey (Son of Robert Downey Jr.)
Indio Downey has struggled with addiction in the past and has also been sent to a rehabilitation centre by his father. He has even been charged with the possession of drugs.

3. Jaycee Chan ( Son of Jackie Chan)
Jaycee Chan recently served six months behind bars after being caught with drugs in a police raid.

4. Stephanie Rose Bon Jovi ( Daughter of Jon Bon Jovi)
Stephanie faced the wrath of the law enforcers in upstate New York when she was caught with possession of drugs. During the time, she had to be hospitalized as well. After her recovery, she was charged with misdemeanour.


5. Nick Hogan ( Son of Hulk Hogan)
Nick Hogan was sentenced to eight months in prison in 2007 for a car accident. His friend, who was in the passenger´s seat, suffered permanent brain injury from the accident.


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