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While members of the American media have been running around with their hair on fire — preoccupied with Donald Trump’s comments regarding “Second Amendment people” and President Obama being a “founder” of ISIS — a barely noticed story broke, courtesy of Dutch television.

During an interview on Tuesday night, Julian Assange, the founder and president of WikiLeaks, offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the killer of Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer murdered in Washington, D.C. Assange alluded to the possibility that Rich was the source of the DNC emails that WikiLeaks dropped like a multi-warhead bombshell in the lead-up to the Democratic National Convention.

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Whether or not Rich was the leaker is hard to know, at this point. We are confident, as evidenced by thousands of emails, that someone gained access to privileged information on the DNC’s database. We also know that much of the information recovered was unflattering, to say the least — evidence of a pro-Hillary conspiracy at worst.

But would someone target and kill a staffer who may have exposed the Clinton Foundation and/or the DNC’s alleged corruption? I am going to let you, the reader, decide.

The following is a verifiable list of individuals who have died recently, under questionable circumstances, who were tied to the DNC that used to be run by Clinton ally Debbie Wasserman Schultz. To be sure, there are dozens of other names, going back to the Vince Foster days, about which the online blogosphere speculates as to their deaths. This list is simpler. It gives you the information for you to decide if a pattern exists in which a cover-up of deadly proportions is underway… or is this all just a remarkable coincidence — a strange series of unfortunate events?
This list offers no speculation. It only offers facts, and where possible, official government records are made available to the reader.

On June 22nd, former U.N. General Assembly President, John Ashe, died when he accidentally crushed his own throat during a workout accident. Ashe was facing a list of corruption charges. None of those charges involved Mrs. Clinton directly, however, the case did involve the United Nations and the Clinton Foundation (Clinton Global Initiative: CGI).

Ashe’s co-defendant, Ng Lap Seng, was a major Clinton financial backer. Seng was named specifically in a Senate report for illegally funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars through the Arkansas branch of the Democratic National Committee in 1998, the Clinton’s home DNC organization. Ashe accidentally died fifteen miles from Hillary Clinton’s home when he is said to have dropped a barbell on himself. Seng is still alive.

Another co-defendant was Dominican Republic Deputy Permanent Representative Frank Lorenzo. When Seng was arrested he was in possession of a Dominican Republic diplomatic passport provided by Lorenzo and authorized by Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit. Skerrit received a multi-million dollar payment from the Clinton Foundation only months before Seng received that valuable diplomatic passport. Seng and Lorenzo put their own $25 million on the line to secure $2.5 million bail money for their release. Four anonymous individuals chose to put the bail money up for Ashe.
On July 8th, Dr. Molly Macauley — a prominent environmental economist, space policy advisor, and professor at Johns Hopkins University — was killed while walking her dogs in Baltimore. Her stabbing was originally assumed to be a robbery, but nothing was apparently taken.

Dr. Macauley worked with the DNC and several U.S. government-related advisory boards in the Obama Administration. She was a policy advisor on satellite communications, to include the transference of communications with the DNC at the time of her death. Dr. Macauley was also a Vice President of a Washington, DC think tank, Resources for the Future. Her work was the recipient of Clinton Global Initiative funding for “demand-side” management programs that included satellite and information security.

On July 11th, Seth Rich, a DNC staffer and possible (per Assange) WikiLeaks source of damning DNC information was found shot, but not killed, in a relatively safe area of Washington, D.C. Rich was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, including in the back, yet he was conscious.

Rich was found at 4:19AM. Despite a near immediate response by the Washington Metro Police, the ambulance — for reasons unexplained — did not arrive at the hospital (within two miles of the scene) for more than an hour and a half. Rich was pronounced dead on arrival at 5:57 AM. Though originally described as the victim of a robbery, Rich’s attacker or attackers took nothing.

Seth Rich had previously worked on the failed Senate candidacy of Scott Kleeb, who took $300,000 from the Clinton Foundation for a clean energy company, Energy Pioneer Solutions. Rich was very familiar with this project. The inability to track those funds led to a fraud complaint and subsequent IRS investigation as recently as 2014.

Kleeb worked with Dr. Macauley’s organization, Resources for the Future — also the recipient of CGI funding — cited as recently as July 2014 in a U.S. Senate Energy report. Rich was killed within one block of his home, and his mother stated that he appeared to have been in some kind of struggle as evidenced by bruises on his body.

On August 1st, Victor Thorn, (real name Scott Robert Makufka) — an investigative journalist and author highly critical of the Clintons — apparently committed suicide. He did so within six months of his latest book going to print entitled, “Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House.” Friends and family said there were no signs of depression and Thorn was at the height of his career, however family members also indicated there appeared to be no sign of foul play at the scene of his death — a mountain near his home.

There is very little additional information on Thorn. The police department of State College, Pennsylvania, confiscated Thorn’s investigative materials, including recent work on the Clinton Global Initiative, as part of their investigation into the apparent suicide. However, the police department no longer has any record on the suicide of Mr. Thorn.

On August 2nd, Shawn Lucas — working on behalf of the Bernie Sanders campaign and upset supporters — was found dead on a bathroom floor Lucas had just served the DNC a month earlier (July 2nd) with a lawsuit filed by donors to the Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate. The evidence used to open the case appears to have been a number of emails to which Seth Rich was a party.

The cause of Lucas’ death remains a mystery and is pending further investigation. To date, the coroner cannot confirm the cause of death as being natural (a fairly routine finding ten days after a person dies). Lucas was a hip hop producer and legal process server and also an expert at Brazilian Jujitsu.

Any conclusions based on information about these five deaths — with the revealed relationships among the deceased individuals — are left to you. Determine for yourself whether there is evidence of a pattern of corruption or worse involving the Clinton charitable organizations, the Democrat Party machine, and the deaths noted above.

Or is it all just a series of unfortunate events?


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